Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bride: Tola Petgrave

 …Can’t remember how Tola heard about me…I think it was through a friend of hers who I did makeup for. Either way its nice to know I am getting referrals from former clients! Come to think of it, despite all my social media marketing efforts, I find that a vast majority of my clients have heard about me via word of mouth…sorry, I know I’m digressing…just thinking out loud.

My bride, Tola is naturally beautiful. She wanted her makeup "not heavy" but did insist on having some color on her lips…coral to be exact. We tried to schedule a trial but with our schedules it didn't end up happening.  In the end I was really happy with the look she had on her face when I was done with her makeup…she loved it! Yay!

 Gave her a "clean" contour  (not overly done where the person looks obviously contoured)
 Her look was a clean face, simple eyes and a pop of color on her lips.
 I had to put my foot down on the lashes. I can't believe she thought they were too dramatic!

I contoured her cheeks to give an illusion of cheek bones.

Tied her gele and did a quick makeup change for her night party. She smacked her lips and ruined my blending, but its all good she still looked fab. 
 God bless

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