Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 7th: Video Shoot

Oh the pains of video!

I love what I do but video shoots can be extremely exhausting especially when you are dealing with a lot of girls!! First of all, the girls arrived late so we were already behind schedule. With only 5 hours (or less) to work on 7 girls, I knew I had to focus on getting this done quickly. Typically I need about 45 minutes to an hour for each I wasn't too happy about my time constraints but hey...took it one person at a time and I don't think I did too badly!!!

I know my favorite look...which one is yours????!!!

Look 1

Look 2

 Look 3

 Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Don't have the final video from the shoot or more pics from behind the scenes as the video was being shot. Had to dash and go pick my baby from school. Will keep y'all posted when the final video goes viral.

God bless xoxo

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 25th bride: Addie Kasali!

January 25th was an extremely happy day for me. One of my besties, Addie got married to her boo in a traditional Nigerian ceremony in Richmond, VA. Just a little bit about my friend Addie....she has the most "couldn't be bothered" personality in this world. Well, between her and my other friend take that back Bosoye is definitely worse. get my Wedding date set, she decides she wants me to come up with her entire! I'm like ok...its either you completely trust my capabilities or it was her "couldn't be bothered" attitude speaking.

Either way, most people know i'm all about making people look I was definitely excited to help her. I reached out to my friend Wunmi, who has an amazing boutique store in Lagos with the most gorge-y fabrics ever and that was it!! I have to say Wunmi was really patient with us cause Lord knows we stalked her...alot!

On a side note....If you're a bride and you need outfits for your traditional wedding,hit me up. Nakenohs and StyleByMaori have partnered up to cater to brides in the States who need traditional engagement outfits. We will handle everything. Jewelry, Fabrics (all types), name it, we will deliver. Also, if you need "aso-ebi" for your friends and family let us know.

Back to Addie...

Typically I post before and afters but I figured I'd share pictures from the entire event. It was such a lovely day and the couple looked extremely in love. May God bless their union.

My darling friend, Addie..before! Please do not kill me...
 Almost done...
 All done...

 Outfit by Nakenohs...concept by StyleByMaori...loved it!
Of course we had all the time in the world to take pictures considering that the "alaga" was taking her time collecting money from the in-laws...sheeshh!

 As Addie called it...her BLUETIFULLLL girls!
 Weddings are not complete without a "kiss the bride" picture!!

 See Koko's pout ohh!
 Before the big reveal..."the bling in front" (Detola you know what I'm talking about)
 Mummy staring at her daughter
aww... Addie and her mum
 Meeting her in-laws...
 Love this y'all see how Tayo was staring at his wife???!!!!!!
 My fave...they were praying for each other
 Showing off her bling...err..sorry ring!
 The couple!

Much love, Mr and Mrs Kasali!!!

Outfit: UD@StyleByMaori and Nakenohs
Makeup: UD@FaceByMaori
Gele: UD@FaceByMaori