Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 3rd Bride - Adrianna

Adrianna was a bridesmaid at the wedding of one of my clients. She approached me and told me that her wedding was coming up in a few months but she wasn’t sure of the MUA she had finalized on.  She had actually done 5 trials with a number of MUA’s before she settled on her current MUA. She told me she would contact me. I wasn’t sure considering she already had someone booked, but to my utter surprise she actually did. She must have liked what I did for her friend because I got booked to do her wedding!! No complaints on my end…

Adrianna's mum 

Adrianna has such amazing bone structure!! She wanted pinky-coral eyes, brown eyeliner underneath her eyes and pink lips.

She had on a Lazaro gown that was beyoootifullll!!!!!

 Have a blessed day!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Photography By Maori??

Oh my days!! People can be so unreliable…sheeeshhh!!!

So, I had planned a shoot with a photographer. Day of shoot arrives and he’s a no show! No text, no email, no call…nothing! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. So what did I do? Got my model ready and took the pictures myself. Yup, sure did!

Pictures are unedited. ..haven’t figured that part out yet J

Yay or nay to a career in photography???

Makeup - FaceByMaori (Instagram name: FaceByMaori)
Model - Taja Hawkins (Instagram name: Tajasade)

God Bless xoxo

Monday, July 7, 2014

May Bride: Tosin

I am so behind on my posts…way behind! Tosin’s wedding was in May and we are in July…smhJ

Getting Tosin glammed up was so easy! Now before you start thinking that this one must really feel like she’s the ishhh…it’s not that at all. Tosin and I had a pre-wedding trial so we pretty much had her look “on lock”. I’m not going to lie, I am truly not a fan of makeup trials unless it is absolutely necessary but hers was so worth it because the final look came out even better than we envisioned.


Had to capture this moment…her gift from her hubby were a pair of Louboutins and apparently that was her second pair of designer shoes from him. Hubby gave her a gift everyday starting the week of their wedding… that’s what I’m talking about!!

God bless xoxo