Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 4th bride: Alexandra Driver

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Alex is a true epitome of a southern belle...besides having the southern drawl in her accent, I also found her extremely beautiful, well-mannered and gracious. Her wedding reflected all of these characteristics...loved every detail she had in her set up. She also made her bridal party feel extremely special by giving them some very "thought-out" gifts.I told her..."can we be friends?" Not sure why she thought I was joking when I was dead on serious!

Mama Alex, before. They didn't want her to look too made up so I just focused on coverage.
Bride, before...
After... have a "yellowness" to it. We were out in the sun and I guess I didn't change my camera settings.

Makeup - UD@facebymaori
Hair - Yandi Biza

God bless xoxo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 3rd Bride: Jaimi Beckerman

6am Saturday to the airport....destination - Amelia Island, Florida!

 I met Jaimi 4 years ago at the bridal bar and shortly after she met her now hussy, Mikey Mike (that's my nickname for him hopefully he doesn't read this Jaimi is one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people I know...Mike is such a lucky man! 

Maid of Honor, Sara...can't get over how her and Jaimi laugh the exact same Besties for real!

Sister in law, Allison. Never wears makeup so just wanted to give her a clean fresh look.

Jaimi before.....

Loved her Monique Lhuillier dress!


Wishing Mr and Mrs Sharkey many many years of love, joy and happiness....oh and tons of "lil Sharkey's". Love, Obie, Udi and Mimi xoxo.